Allows UI elements to be hidden from the UI entirely.

Note: This package is only available if you are running policy engine version 0.1.2 or later.

When hiding an element from the UI via this package, Armory reccomends also disabling it in spinnaker.http.authz, which will prevent the same users from invoking it via API. spinnaker.http.authz can access the same fields as this package, but also contains more keys.

Note: this package only allows hiding functionality entirely. If you instead want to conditionally disable features based off property’s pased to them, that can often be done in the spinnaker.http.authz package.

Example Payload

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  "input": {
    "body": {
      "job": [
          "type": "createApplication"
    "method": "POST",
    "path": [
    "user": {
      "isAdmin": false,
      "roles": [
          "name": "armory-io",
          "source": "GITHUB_TEAMS"
          "name": "productmanagers",
          "source": "GITHUB_TEAMS"
      "username": "myUserName"

Example Policy

Disables the Configure Application, Create Application, and Create Project buttons in the UI for non-admin users unless they have a particular role.

    package spinnaker.ui.entitlements.isFeatureEnabled
    default message=""
    allow = message==""
    message = "Your role lacks permissions to update application configuration"{
          not hasRole("applicationAdmins")
    message = "Your role lacks permissions to create projects"{
          not hasRole("projectAdmin")


input.body.job[].typestringOnly available if input.path=[tasks]. Contains the type of the task being performed.
input.methodstringThe method of the API call for which we are hiding UI elements. This is ‘HTTP Get’ to hide the projects UI.
input.path[]stringThe path to the API call that UI elements are hiden for. This is “Projects”.


This object provides information about the user performing the action. This can be used to restrict actions by role. See input.user for more information.

Supported UI Elements

The following table provides a summary of the values to check in the policy to enable/disable different UI elements.

UI Elementinput.path.input.methodinput.body.job[].type
Create Application Button["tasks"]POSTcreateApplication
Application Configuration Button["tasks"]POSTupdateApplication
Create Project Button["tasks"]POSTupsertProject
Project Configuration Button["projects"]GETn/a

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