Policy checks that run immediately before a task rolls back a spinnaker manifest.

Example Payload

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  "input": {
    "deploy": {
      "account": "spinnaker",
      "credentials": "spinnaker",
      "events": [],
      "location": "staging",
      "manifestName": "deployment hostname",
      "numRevisionsBack": 1,
      "revision": null

Example Policy

package spinnaker.deployment.tasks.before.undoRolloutManifest

deny ["You may only rollback 1 revision at a time."]{


input.deploy.accountstringThe spinnaker account to which this stage is deploying.
input.deploy.credentialsstringThe credentials to use to access the account.
input.deploy.locationstringThe name of the namespace the manifest is being deleted from.
input.deploy.manifestNamestringThe name of the manifest being deleted.
input.deploy.numRevisionsBacknumberHow many revisions of the manifest should be rolled back.
input.deploy.revisionnumberWhat revision the manifest should be rolled back to.

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