GitHub Integration Plugin for Spinnaker

Armory’s GitHub Integration plugin for Spinnaker streamlines integration with GitHub Actions, filling the native support gap. The plugin enables easy triggering of GitHub Actions workflows, dynamic control of Spinnaker pipelines based on workflow outcomes, and seamless synchronization of GitHub Deployment statuses with Spinnaker pipeline conclusions.

Proprietary Beta

GitHub Integration Plugin for Spinnaker Overview

Learn about GitHub Integration Plugin features, how the plugin works, different installation paths, and the plugin’s compatibility with Armory Continuous Deployment and Spinnaker versions.

Get Started with the GitHub Integration Plugin

In this section, learn how to install the GitHub Integration Plugin for Spinnaker and Armory Continuous Deployment. Use the Armory Operator with Armory CD. Spinnaker users can install the plugin using the Spinnaker Operator or Halyard.

Enable and Configure AuthZ in the GitHub Integration Plugin

Learn how to enable and configure AuthZ support for GitHub App accounts.

Enable GitHub Access Validation

Learn how to enable the GitHub Integration feature that validates GitHub access based on configuration assigned to a GitHub App account.

Enable GitHub Commit Status Echo Notifications

Learn how to enable an enhanced Echo notification type that can be configured to send notifications for pipelines and/or stages statuses with custom context and description linking to the Spinnaker UI as a target URL.

Use the GitHub Integration Plugin

Learn how to use the GitHub Integration plugin to trigger Spinnaker pipelines from GitHub and also to trigger GitHub workflows from Spinnaker pipelines.

GiHub Integration Plugin Release Notes

Github Integration Plugin for Spinnaker release notes.

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