Spinnaker Plugins

Spinnaker plugins are products that extend SpinnakerTM and Armory Continuous Deployment functionality.

Plugin compatibility matrix

PluginSpinnakerArmory CD
Armory CD-as-a-Service Plugin
The Armory Continuous Deployment-as-a-Service plugin enables performing canary and blue/green deployments in a single stage from Spinnaker to your Kubernetes deployment target using CD-as-a-Service.
(included with Armory CD)
AWS CloudWatch Integration
The AWS CloudWatch Integration Plugin for Spinnaker enables using AWS CloudWatch as a metrics provider for your canary deployments in Spinnaker and Armory Continuous Deployment.
AWS Event Cache
The AWS Event Cache Plugin enhances Spinnaker’s functionality by addressing rate limit issues commonly encountered when using AWS providers, particularly in scenarios involving EC2 and ECS. The plugin leverages AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service) to receive events and employs a notification handling service to manage data and gate services effectively.
Event Filter
The Event Filter Plugin for Spinnaker filters or trims events sent to external log aggregators by Echo.
GitHub Integration
Armory’s GitHub Integration plugin for Spinnaker streamlines integration with GitHub Actions, filling the native support gap. The plugin enables easy triggering of GitHub Actions workflows, dynamic control of Spinnaker pipelines based on workflow outcomes, and seamless synchronization of GitHub Deployment statuses with Spinnaker pipeline conclusions.
Kubernetes Custom Resource Status
The Kubernetes Custom Resource Status Check Plugin for Armory CD and Spinnaker checks the status of your Custom Resource deployment on Kubernetes.
Armory Pipelines-as-Code enables pipeline definitions to be managed as code in GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab. It operates as a service/plugin for open source Spinnaker and as feature in Armory Continuous Deployment.
Policy Engine
Empower DevOps efforts and ensure compliance with Armory Policy Engine. You can enforce save time, runtime, and user interaction policies for Spinnaker or Armory Continuous Deployment. Ensure verification at runtime and throughout your lifecycle. Enforce trusted standards to reduce risk and scale DevOps efforts. Support workflow and collaborate without causing breaking changes.
Scale Agent
The Armory Scale Agent for Spinnaker and Kubernetes is a lightweight, real-time agent that enables you to scale Kubernetes deployments to limitless clusters and namespaces with minimal latency and minimal load on your clusters. Secure, simplify, and scale your Kubernetes deployments with any Spinnaker or Armory Continuous Deployment instance.
Self-Serve Error Management
The Self-Serve Error Management Plugin for Spinnaker enables overriding and customizing error messages from Clouddriver or the Scale Agent.
Terraform Integration
The Terraform Integration plugin enables provisioning infrastructure using Terraform as part of your Spinnaker and Armory Continuous Deployment pipelines.

See individual plugin sections for detailed version compatibility.

How to install plugins

Each plugin section contains installation instructions. However, you should be aware of the following points regarding installation:

  • Spinnaker managed by Halyard

    The open source Spinnaker Plugin User Guide shows you how to install plugins using the Halyard CLI. When Halyard adds a plugin to a Spinnaker installation, it adds the plugin repository information to all services, not just the ones the plugin is for. This means that when you restart Spinnaker, each service restarts, downloads the plugin repository, and checks if a plugin extension exists for itself. Each service restarting is not ideal for large Spinnaker installations due to service restart times.

    Armory recommends configuring the plugin in the extended service’s local profile.

  • Spinnaker or Armory CD managed by Armory’s corresponding Operator

    The Spinnaker Operator and Armory Operator add plugin repository configuration only to the extended services.

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