Armory Continuous Deployment Release Notes

Armory Continuous Deployment releases, long term support releases, and patches.
Release number layout

Armory release numbers help customers to distinguish releases at a glance.

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| Armory CD Sample |
| ---------------- |
|  2  .  30  .  1  |
   \      \     \
    \      \     Dot Release: Contains bug fixes, CVE updates, and/or features behind a feature flag
     \      Long Term Support (LTS) Release: Contains significant features, bug fixes, CVE updates, and code/library changes (3 releases support schedule)
      \     Feature Release: Contains significant features, bug fixes, CVE updates, and code/library changes (~6 month support schedule)
       Indicates Armory CD (a "1" denotes an open source Spinnaker release)

These are the latest three releases
Versions listed below will soon be deprecated
You can find older versions in the Armory Release Notes Archive.

Minimum Armory Operator version

To install, upgrade, and configure Armory Continuous Deployment (Armory CD), ensure that you are running at least the minimum Operator version for your release:

Armory CD versionMinimum Operator version

LTS releases

Starting with version 2.27.1, Armory CD follows a Long Term Support (LTS) release model with two LTS releases per year. An LTS release contains significant features and changes.

Armory supports the three (3) most recent LTS releases.

During the supported lifetime of an LTS release, Armory ships Feature releases for the LTS.

Feature releases

Starting with version 2.31.0, Armory is introducing a Feature release, which is an additional type of major release that complements an LTS release. Feature releases may contain bug fixes, performance improvements, CVE remediation, and non-breaking features or enhancements placed behind a feature flag.

Feature releases do the following:

  • Enable customers to test and consume Armory CD and open source Spinnaker features faster
  • Improve the quality and stability of LTS releases by having changes tested and validated within the Feature releases

Armory releases an LTS version approximately every 6 months, with one or two Feature releases between LTS releases. Feature releases have a shortened support window of 6 months.

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