Instance Registration

As part of the configuration process, you need to register your Armory Continuous Deployment instance. If you maintain several instances, such as development, staging, and production instances, you must register each one.

Register your instance

  1. Navigate to the URL provided by Armory and follow the instructions to create an account.

  2. Make note of the following information:

    • Instance ID
    • Client ID
    • Secret

    This is the only time you are shown the secret value. Store it somewhere safe.

Apply the registration information

In your Operator manifest, configure the following parameters:

  • set this value to
  • set this value to Client ID that you received from Register your instance.
  • spec.spinnakerConfig.profiles.spinnaker.””.iam.clientSecret: set this value to the Secret that you received from Register your instance.

Once you apply the registration information to your instance, your Armory Continuous Deployment instance is registered with Armory.

          enabled: true
            clientId: <clientId>
            clientSecret: <clientSecret>

Save the file and apply the manifest. This redeploys Armory Continuous Deployment.


Registration fails

This issue can occur if Operator failed to generate a UUID for your Armory Continuous Deployment instance. You can resolve this issue with one of the following actions:

  • Deploy Armory Continuous Deployment with a supported Operator version that corresponds to your Armory Continuous Deployment version.
  • Manually apply a registration ID.

To manually apply a registration ID, perform the following steps:

  1. In your Operator manifest (spinnakerservice.yml by default), check if there is a value for spec.spinnakerConfig.config.armory.diagnostics.uuid.

    If there is a value, use that value for the next step.

    If there is no value, generate a UUID and add it to spec.spinnakerConfig.config.armory.diagnostics.uuid field.

  2. Add the UUID to the spec.spinnakerConfig.profiles.spinnaker.armory.registrationId field.

  3. Save the file and deploy Armory Continuous Deployment.

If you generated your own UUID, contact Armory Support and provide your UUID so that it can be associated with your organization. This helps with troubleshooting when you contact Support.

Last modified February 15, 2023: (e9a54629)