AWS Resources

Services used by Armory Continuous Deployment when it is deployed on Amazon Web Services - VPC, EKS, IAM, S3, Secrets Manager, Redis, Aurora.

Armory and AWS services

You use several AWS services when you deploy the Armory platform on AWS: Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), IAM, Simple Storage Service (S3), Secrets Manager, Redis, and Aurora.

Diagram of Armory and AWS services

Deployment on AWS

Without disaster recovery

Diagram of Armory deployment on AWS without disaster recovery

With disaster recovery

Spinnaker does not function in multi-master mode, which means that active-active is not supported at this time. Instead, you can achieve an active-passive Spinnaker setup that results in two instances of Spinnaker deployed into two regions that can fail independently. See Configuring Spinnaker on AWS for Disaster Recovery for instructions.

Diagram of Armory deployment on AWS with disaster recovery

AWS Services

Aurora database



ElastiCache for Redis




Secrets Manager

Service quotas


See the AWS Pricing guide for explanations of AWS pricing tiers.

You can calculate AWS costs by using the AWS Pricing Calculator or by consulting individual pricing pages.

If you plan to use EC2 with your Armory installation, you can find related costs on the following pages:

Basic cost estimate

The example below is based on a basic Armory production environment running in a single region without disaster recovery. Your infrastructure needs and costs may vary.

Prices are based on “On Demand” rates. “Reserved” rates may be more cost effective. AWS pricing can change without notice, so be sure to determine your costs using the AWS Pricing Calculator. You can also contact Armory for help in calculating costs.

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