Secrets with Google Cloud Storage

Learn how to set up Spinnaker secrets in an encrypted GCS bucket.

This example uses a bucket (mybucket) to store GitHub credentials and a kubeconfig file.

Authorize Spinnaker to access the GCS bucket

Since you’re storing sensitive information, make sure to protect the bucket by restricting access and enabling encryption.

Remember to run the Operator deployment and Spinnaker services with permissions to read that content.

Storing secrets

Store your GitHub credentials in mybucket/spinnaker-secrets.yml:

  password: <PASSWORD>
  token: <TOKEN>

Note: You can store the password under different keys than github.password and github.token. To do so, change how you reference the secret.

Referencing secrets

Now that secrets are securely stored in the bucket, you reference them in your config files with the following format:

encrypted:gcs!b:<bucket>!f:<path to file>!k:<optional yaml key>

For example, to reference github.password from the file above, use:


To reference the content of our kubeconfig file:


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