Configure GitHub OAuth for Spinnaker

Configure GitHub and Spinnaker to use GitHub as an OAuth2 authenticator.

Before you begin

  • You have the ability to modify developer settings for your GitHub organization.
  • You have a SpinnakerTM instance with DNS and SSL configured.

Configure GitHub OAuth in GitHub

Follow the instructions in GitHub’s Creating an OAuth App guide.

  • Homepage URL: This is the URL of your the Gate service; for example,
  • Authorization callback URL: The URL needs login appended to your Gate endpoint; for example, or

Configure GitHub OAuth in Spinnaker

Add the following snippet to your SpinnakerService manifest under the level:

    enabled: true
      clientId: a08xxxxxxxxxxxxx93
      clientSecret: 6xxxaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx59   # Secret Enabled Field
      scope: read:org,user:email
    provider: GITHUB

Review the Armory Continuous Deployment Manifest Configuration Reference for additional configuration options.

What’s next

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